VILT is a Rock cover band that originates from Eindhoven, Rock city of the Netherlands. The music they play contains catchy riffs and rhythms creating a perfect balance between commercial and alternative rock. Creating their own unique sound as a cover band. Bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Editors, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Foo Fighters, Greenday and Bush are representative for the band's style.

In 2010 they managed to win The Battle of the Bands in Eindhoven. They then went on to perform at the Effenaar Eindhoven in The Clash of the Cover Bands finals 2011. Their performance in the finals was mind blowing and they managed to completely bring down the house in The Rock Temple of The Netherlands, 013 Tilburg.

With the combination of their wild musical enthusiasm, professional attitude and their on stage dynamics, this will be a Rockin' night out where the audience is guaranteed to be entertained!

In short; They rock!!

Ronald Vogels
Vocals & Gitaar
Guus van Mil
Gitaar & Backing vocals
Dirk Smits
Bas & Backing vocals
Jasper Guns


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